Business prospectus

Welby offers patients and their family digital tools helping medical treatment and prevention of progression of disease. Welby co-develops and co-provides digital services with pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, governments along with patients and health care professionals.

1. Medical Solution Div.

Medical solution div. offers marketing support services to pharmaceuticals. Partnering with CareNet and SMS CO.,LTD, Medical solution div. can utilize their patient platforms along with Welby’s platform. As a result, Welby can provide clients with efficient marketing support services. In addition, Welby provides health insurance society and government with digital service platform and tool.


Case Example

New form to support comprehensive the health management
—Smart Phone App “Maisapo” adopt Welby platforms

Digital platform offer start to stayed type health guidance In collaboration with Benefit One Health Care,Inc.

2.PHR (personal health record) Div.

Welby offers an app”Welby My Karte”  which can be used for free. Patients can share health data with health care professional and family as a visualized chart.